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Effective on all orders placed after May 1, 2007 the list price on all mechanical safety edges will go up $75.00 ($52.50 net for elevator contractors).

Effective 9/01/2007 GAL will no longer be able to accept orders for mechanical safety edges.

Reasons for this are:

Volume of mechanical safety edges ordered has been steadily dropping. Last month we were notified by our casting vendor that our tool used for making the safety edge pivot arms was shot. We talked him into running all he could get from the tool before it became useless. The inventory we have on hand is the last of it, and the cost to rebuild the mold would make mechanical safety edges prohibitively expensive. Our plans include keeping enough stock to be able to supply replacement parts for approximately another 6 - 7 years.

As an alternative, GAL can offer Formula Systems and Tri-Tronics detector edges at the following prices to elevator contractors:

Or Stand Alone w/ Power Supply
Formula Systems$ 220.50$ 249.90
Tri Tronics$ 360.50$ 390.60

GAL has a well earned reputation for supporting products for many many years - but sometimes situations get beyond our control.

Thank you for your understanding

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