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Effective on all orders received after close of business on April 30th, 2008, GAL Manufacturing Corporation will implement a price increase. It has been well over four years since we last adjusted our prices, and although we have been very effective at keeping production costs down, we can no longer absorb the ever increasing cost of material.

With this increase, we are also breaking our pattern of simply lowering the contractor's discount. New list pricing has been established which more accurately reflects our current costs, and the standard qualified elevator contractor discount will be increased to 50%.

On the majority of our products, the increase will amount to approximately 10%. There are products that will have no increase, and a few where the increase will be more than 10%.

GALaxy Controls will increase slightly. All quotes issued are good for 60 days. If you have older quotes, please call and ask us to update the quote.

On door equipment jobs, we will again hold all quotes for 60 days. If you are bidding work that will not be ordered in the very near future, we suggest you add approximately 10% to an existing quote.

All new pricing - for service parts and configured jobs - will be reflected on our web site - www.gal.com as of May 1.

No one likes price increases, and that includes us. We are proud of our track record for holding down costs, and implement this price increase only as a last resort. Thank you for your continued loyalty and support.

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