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GAL Provides Product Training

As part of our recent expansion, we added a nice training facility and would now like to have our customers take advantage of it. GAL is starting to fill up class room sessions to cover various GAL and Hollister Whitney products. Class times will get set in concrete based on demand. They will be held during the day and will include food and refreshment.


GALaxy Controls: 4 - 5 Hrs. Attendees will get a thorough look at GALaxy. We will cover features, design, installation, adjustment, and troubleshooting. This class is aimed at the field installer / adjuster and will include considerable detail on the workings of GALaxy. This is a great opportunity to get up to speed on GALaxy controls and to meet some of the Training and Technical Support staff at GAL.

GAL Door Equipment: GAL Door Equipment: 1.5 - 2.5 Hrs. Attendees will understand the features and benefits of the GAL Elevator Door Equipment. Class will cover a complete, step by step installation procedure. Learn about adjustment of all of the current products. We will cover the GAL LWZ-2 series clutch and zone locking device and the MOVFR and MOVFE2500 linier and harmonic series operators. We will discuss code compliance and requirements including the Kinetic Energy code compliance. Installers, and maintainers of GAL door equipment will benefit.

Hollister Whitney Rope Gripper: 1 - 2 Hrs. Attendees will understand the design principles, code issues, installation, and maintenance of the most used emergency brake in North America. Emergency brakes are new to many places in the country. Here's your chance to really understand what you are doing - before you face it in the field. Learn the mistakes to avoid and the tricks that will help you when you plan and execute modernizations that require Rope Gripper.

Classes are being filled now. If you want to take advantage, you just need to call 877-425-7778 or register here. Your name will be put on the list for the next session, and we will notify you when it gets scheduled.

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