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The G.A.L. Model MOML, Master Operator Medium Speed, consists of a 1/4 HP, D.C. motor with heavy duty sprocket, chain, belt, and sheaves. It is capable of opening the car and hoistway doors simultaneously at a speed up to 2 feet per second. The power supply requirement is 230VDC, 500 VA, fused at 3 amps and it is also available for 120 VDC.

Door speed is adjustable by means of resistor tubes located on the operator in a heavy duty steel box. The closing speed may be reduced to limit the stalled closing force and the closing kinetic energy to the values permitted by the ASME Code. The opening and closing limits of travel are cushioned by four steps of dynamic braking resistors.

The images on this page show some of the different versions available:

SS Single Speed & 2SP Two Speed
2SP Two Speed Small Opening
CP Center Parting
2SP Two Speed Large Opening
2SPCP Two Speed Center Parting